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Smart Buddy Santander

Smart Buddy was a project growing from a competition held by the European Regional Development Fund’s Urban Innovative Actions. The project included a new take on localized tourism by giving citizens of neighbourhoods the power to share their favourite restaurants, galleries, shops and more to visitors to Santander. Tonin is a visitor’s “Smart Buddy” guiding a visitor through the city and giving useful tips. The Smart Buddy team hired me to design, script, animate and edit a one-minute video to showcase the online service, both in English and in Spanish.  Fortunately for them, I did not narrate in Spanish.


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sustainable amsterdam brochure designs and business cards

Sustainable Amsterdam Branding

Sustainable Amsterdam is a consultancy firm based in Amsterdam showcasing the city’s many innovative approaches to urban planning, resiliency and sustainable mobility. The team’s work invites many occasions to show off their prowess at meetings or conventions across Europe.  Having attractive and inviting visuals is essential when these connections are made. Sustainable Amsterdam hired me to designs pamphlets, business cards, and tour leaflets that strengthened their brand identity and captured the spirit of their organisation.

bikenomics infographic amsterdam

Bikenomics Amsterdam – City of Amsterdam, Decisio

The economics consultancy firm, Decisio, was commissioned by the City of Amsterdam to perform a social cost benefit analysis of the impacts of cycling in the city.  They hired me to make an infographic of the contents that would accompany the report prepared for the city council.  The infographic was divided into quadrants under the various themes, all painting the picture of the positive effects that cycling has for the municipality and its residents.  I also translate the Dutch version into English for this project.